This one comes from The Journal of Student Ministries:

Rules, Rules, Rules

Raid your Sunday school cabinet for a variety of children’s games. Set these up in the youth room, and break your group into smaller groups. If you have a smaller group to begin with, you can all play one game. As the game progresses start adding some new rules just for fun; for instance: Add five to the roll of the dice if you are wearing sandals. Get a free spin if you pay a compliment to the person across from you.

Then slowly begin adding rules that are out of line; for instance: All guys get five points extra for no reason. Sixteen-year-olds lose a turn. The person in last place may add whatever he or she needs to add to be one space in front of the leader. You can use this as a launching pad to talk about rules created by parents, teachers, or society—or as an opening to a Bible study on Job’s rant to God in Chapter 38.