Below is an email from a youth speaker who is coming through Kansas.  If you’re interested in having him come to your church, feel free to check out their website.

I wanted you to know I am coming through the state of Kansas on October 11 with a band the just got signed in EMI. It is called the “Get It Right” tour. We are looking for a place to have an event. Might you or someone you know be game? We bring all the sound and lighting with a tech. and evening usually lasts between 1 1/2 – 2 hours and we have seen much fruit from these events. You can find more out about the band and the ministry of Worldview Warriors at We usually ask for $2,000 but if you are interested, and can book this I will be able to go down to $1,000 + food for the evening and a place to sleep. This is of course negotiable. Please feel free to surf the site and click on the links for more information. Here’s hoping this is in the Lord’s plans.


Silverline is a rock band from the Heart of Minnesota. We could pretend we are the best looking, most talented, and tallest band on earth…but it’s just not true. We are however your new favorite band.