Youth Worker JournalI just finished an article in the Youth Worker Journal (great bi-monthly magazine for youth workers) titled:  “Too Many Yeses a No-No.”  Good thoughts from David Burke, a veteran youth worker.  Here’s the gist of how to take care of your soul:

Say Yes to Areas of Passion – In this look for areas that make you passionate about the kingdom of God and not just ministry.  This is good to consider.

Clear the Clutter – Clutter blocks the vision of future potential.

Eliminate the Guilt – Serve out your convictions, burdens, and passions (“I have the desire to do this.”).  When things become an “I have to…” is when guilt enters the equation.  Do you have the desire to spend time with God?  Or do you have to spend time with God?  Ask this question with all you’re doing.

Just Say No! – Where in your life and ministry do you need to say, “No?”

Imagine what God can do with those of us who do these things!  It won’t be easy, but it will definitely be worth it.  And, if you have time, share any success stories you’ve had in the “Comments” section.