The end of the soccer season has come and gone. It was a great experience for the boys and a learning opportunity for dad, the first time coach. In the picture we see that Jakin finally got to play goalie. He played at tough as he looks.






Asher also got to play goalie again. He did well. So well that, at one point, he stopped a goal, threw the ball to a teammate, looked at the referee, and exclaimed… “This is too easy!” Here’s a picture of the medal each of them received for playing.


Our family went to an all-church picnic and hayride gathering. We had a pretty good time despite the cool weather. (Of course, any time you get to make and eat s’mores, it’s going to be a good time.) Here we see Eli snuggling up to Mommy (who’s trying not to sneeze from her horse allergies) to stay warm.





Speaking of the beautiful bride, last night we received some free tickets to the Kansas University men’s basketball game. (They won the national championship, you know.) We had a good evening but, as you can see, every time we go to a sporting event, Kara has to flirt with the mascots. Paging Dr. Phil. Should I be concerned?  (Sorry it’s a bit blurry, but I was dealing with a bit of jealous rage at the time.)


 Finally, my laugh of the week was when I went to meet a female youth worker and we were essentially dressed alike. What are the odds of that happening? The rest of the week I told people that I dress like a girl.