“Capture The Flag” -Unhinged!
by Eric Wheeler

Here’s a familiar game with some additions that your kids will really enjoy! This game works best when played with two larger teams vs. multiple smaller groups. 

The goal is to capture the other team’s flag without being hit by a water balloon or flour grenade. Designate people from each team to be “Human Shields,” “Snipers,” “Runners,” and “Defenders.” Each team is limited to two “Defenders.” The playing field can be set up to fit the shape of any convenient outside area. Have both teams make up the same number of water balloons (water + balloon) or flour-grenades (flour + cheesecloth). Make the “Snipers” stand around the outer edge of the boundaries you set up, making sure your “Snipers” do not cross on to your playing field. Each sniper gets at least 5 grenades. Have the “Human Shields” from each team spread out around the playing field. If possible, issue them garbage can lids to deflect the incoming flour-grenades or water-balloons. Have the “Defenders” at either corners of a designated home base area, guarding their flags. The goal is to have the “Runners” sprint from human shield to human shield without getting hit by a flour-grenade or water-balloon. Whichever team reaches the opposing side and retrieves the flag first, without getting hit, wins.

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