I thought I’d get pictures on the blog before Halloween, so here goes…

This Saturday is the final day of soccer in the Lefto home. It’s been a great run. Last week Asher finally got to play goalie. After he stopped one of the shots, he threw the ball to his teammates, turned to the referee, and exclaimed… “This is too easy!”

Next week’s devotional focus: humility.



 Eli did his first attempt at rock climbing. I thought he did pretty well for a three-year old. My guess is he (with help) got up to about seven feet at one time.

(I was practically lying on the floor to give this picture better perspective.)




Our son (I wrote that for those who weren’t sure by just looking at the picture) Jakin discovered long hair can be useful for more than flopping it around to look cool. Here he is getting ready for Crazy Hair Day at school.





Finally, a picture of my beautiful bride next to the man of her dreams. His name is “Wushock,” the mascot of the Wichita State Shockers. A shocker, for those scoring at home, signifies a shock of wheat.

Apparently all the cool names of animals on the great plain were already taken.