We went to Minnesota for a four-day weekend. We had a great time seeing family and friends. If we decided on one thing, it’s that four days is NOT enough. Below are some pics.

It seems that wherever we go these days, Asher finds a sword (make sure to pronounce the “w”). I think Asher wishes he grew up in medieval times and sometimes imagines he’s there.





We went to an apple orchard where we had to pay extra money for our kids to do things like ride on tricycles. Well worth it for Eli since HE HASN’T RIDDEN ONE FOR MONTHS THANKS TO TRAINING WHEELS!





Oh, and they also had hay to play in (extra cost as well). Here Jakin had squeezed into a hole between some bales. You know, when I was younger a “roll in the hay” used to have a whole different meaning.





Finally, here’s a picture of the three boys with two of their good friends. Yes, they did try to get us to take a kitten home with us. And no, I did not oblige.