Are you having a “Fall Carnival” or “Trunk or Treat”? Or do you just not have time to come up with a costume idea? Here are some great ideas that are quick and fit a Youth Minister’s budget!

(1) Melted Snow Man
Drench yourself in water and carry around two sticks, a scarf and a carrot.

(2) Piece of Gum Stuck to Your Shoe
Dress in all pink and attach a shoe to the top of your head.

(3) Chia Pet
Wrap yourself in duct tape so the sticky part is facing out, then roll around on the lawn.

(4) Ceiling Fan
Write “Go Ceilings!” on the front of your shirt. Add other gear if you want (pom poms, big foam finger, etc.) And don’t forget to cheer!

(5) iPod Commercial
Dress completely in black clothing, wear a black wig or hat, and use black make-up to cover your face, hands and any exposed skin. Carry around an iPod and dance wildly.

(6) Tornado
Dress in all black or grey. Attach small play figures (like a barnyard set that has animals, tractors, fence, etc) to you with string and safety pins. Spin around so they figures fly out and spin around you.

(7) Kissing Booth
Decorate a large box, cut so that it fits around your chest. Make duct tape suspenders to hold it to you. Attach wrapping paper rolls to the top and connect with a piece of cardboard over the top of your head. Offer free kisses. (not appropriate for most youth ministry events)

(8) Candy Cane
Wear all white. Wrap red or green duct tape around you for stripes.

(9) Black-eyed Pea
Wear black pants and a white shirt. Get some black makeup cream or black eyeliner and draw a circle around one eye to look like a black eye. With a fat permanent marker or some black felt, make a huge black “P” on your chest.

(10) Don’t like any of these? A simple search of “Homemade halloween costume ideas” will give you plenty of websites to research.