Here’s Jakin going through his second round of dental work. As you can see, the animal nose is pretty cool, but the drill is making him nervous.







Asher is loving soccer. I’m not sure if it’s because he gets a better view of the game being so close, or if he likes to always run 20 feet behind a moving ball.






Now, here is education at its best! Eli is at his pre-school and this is the picture Kara sends me while I’m at work. What do you think they’re teaching the kids here? My guess it not only how to use a potty, but also how to ENJOY using a potty.






And finally, I saw this van at a church service we went to the other night here in Kansas. My question is… Are all Twins fans Christians, or are all Christians Twins fans. My guess is the latter, which brings me to the next question: Are you a Twins fan?