It’s time for a family update!

Eli’s been going to a “school” with mom every Monday morning call Exploration Place. He loves it! I mean it’s getting to dress up and play for several hours with toys you don’t see every day. Why wouldn’t he love it? Kara told me today that they actually had them do some class work as well, so now the parents think it might be worth the money as well.

Both Jakin and Asher had their first soccer games this past weekend. After a couple weekends of cancellations due to rain, you can imagine they were pumped!

Now, I can’t brag that I’m seeing the second coming of Pele’ or even David Beckham (yet), but they both did a great job of having fun and doing their best. And as a parent, isn’t that what we really want? At least at this age. Endorsement contracts will be worthwhile in the future.