Talk about brave. My eldest son learned his first lesson in taking care of teeth. We recently found out that he has FIVE cavities! Some work needs to be done.

Yesterday he went to the dentist office where Kara tried to prepare him for the worst. Well, she did such a good job that he didn’t want to go in. Way to go, Mom! Eventually, he got in and did a great job. One of his teeth was so bad that they had to put a crown on it. A big, silver crown.

That’s right, my eldest son has a pirate tooth! At least that’s what we’re currently going with. And, he’s done an excellent job brushing his teeth since then.

Side note: As Jakin and I were praying last night, he thanked God for the reminder of how Jesus loved him so much that He stretched out His arms to die for him. He told God that it was this reminder that gave him the courage to walk through the dentist’s door. It was a proud moment for dear, old dad.