Before I went there, I was told it was a very friendly church. Words that I have heard all too often. I left the church thinking, “If I hadn’t preached, I wonder if they would’ve connected with me at all.” Oh sure, I received plenty of thank you’s, but little to no visiting or fellowship. Why is this?

I read last week an exaggerated statement that really gets to the point: “There is not a single church in decline that doesn’t believe they are welcoming and friendly.” Do we get it?

Now, our Annual Conference has developed a mission statement based on Robert Schnase’s book, The Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations, and one of those key points is radical hospitality. I want to ask… What should that look like within our worship services? How are we to live this out on Sunday mornings? Am I doing my part?

I think these may be good questions for all our churches to ask, as well as a good evaluation of our role as a “radical” while attending church.