Balloon, What Balloon?
by Steve Case

Purchase helium balloons for each member of your group. Pin the string to the back of their shirt and take them to the mall. Tell them to behave as if it were any other trip to the mall. They can shop, buy snacks or whatever. The “trick” is that they are not to acknowledge that the balloon is there. Even if someone asks them they are to say “What Balloon?” Use this to launch one of two discussions:

1. What’s it like to be different? Why do we stare at someone who is not like us? Skin color or dress differently. Have your youth ever been treated badly by someone because they didn’t fit in?

2. Use the balloon game as an analogy for the Holy Spirit. Paul tells us the spirit is always present in all of us. What do we do to show it to the world? How does that presence affect our lives? What do we do when someone asks us about it?