A pastor from Minnesota used to say this constantly (rest his soul) and often to the point of irritation. It got so bad that people would make fun of this saying even when he wasn’t around. Well, my family and I got to go sailing last night and I’ve got to say… IT WAS AWESOME!! I loved it. Kara loved it. The boys loved it. We were out on Lake Cheney in Kansas (apparently Kansas does have lakes) with a pastor from a church in Wichita (thank you, Larry). We were on a 27-foot tri-maran (it’s a sailboat like was used in Waterworld with Kevin Costner, but smaller) and it was probably the most enjoyable three-hour family experience we’ve ever had.

If you get the chance, by all means, go sailing. And now I know why that first pastor was so passionate about a slight breeze for yesterday was “a great day for sailing!”