I finished previewing the Rings of Fellowship curriculum from Disciple Outreach Ministries today. Allow me to share the pro’s and con’s:


Pro’s: (1)20 weeks of curriculum broken into 5 segments utilizing the acronym “RINGS” (and I love acronyms). These are: Responsibility, Invitation, Neighbors, God, and Service. (2)The curriculum also encourages students to be reading a reasonable amount of Scripture each day leading up to a group meeting to discuss it. (3)There are a variety of activities to do during the group meetings. (4)There are brief videos to show each week.


Con’s: (1)There aren’t a lot of questions to help discussions along. (2)The videos are good at making the point fun, but a bit cheesy (if that’s still a word). (3)It may lack some depth for those who really want to “dig in” (like other Disciple material).


I think it could work well with middle school or high school, but would use it with a group that may not have a lot of Biblical knowledge about these subjects.


For more information and to download a sample, click here.