Grapplers’ goal is to make shows PG

WWE moves to become more family friendly



As part of World Wrestling Entertainment‘s moves to become more family friendly, company plans to produce its three weekly TV series in a way that lands them a PG rating.

Currently, “Monday Night Raw” on USA Network and Sci Fi’s “ECW” are rated TV-14, while the CW’s “Friday Night Smackdown” already is TV-PG.

“Smackdown” moves to MyNetworkTV in October.

WWE stressed that its shows wouldn’t become tamer, as a result of the change. They’d just focus more on its over-the-top characters and storylines, rather than attention-grabbing stunts that may have been considered too outrageous in the past.

Move is the latest step for the company to appeal to younger auds and families.

WWE recently launched a kids mag and website targeting the same demo with original content. Its film division, WWE Studios, also will steer away from R-rated content.

“It’s the continuing evolution of the company to create content for our growing audience of younger viewers,” a rep said.