I received this book a few months ago (thank you Michelle Coffman) and placed it on the pile to be read after seminary. Well, that time has come.

Edward Fashbaugh verbalizes 6 key principles that would be worth any youth ministry (or any ministry) to consider in evaluating and developing what they do. These are (and I share them because he does on the back cover of the book:

  1. Healthy youth ministry flows from an intentional ministry of faith formation to and with adults.
  2. Healthy youth ministry understands positive expressions of teen empowerment.
  3. Healthy youth ministry understands the difference between youth activity and youth ministry.
  4. Healthy youth ministry recruits a diverse team of adults who are growing spiritually.
  5. Healthy youth ministry plans to help teens grow spiritually.
  6. Healthy youth ministry is in constant transformation.

I’m telling you, if I were helping a church assess what is going on in their youth ministry, I would encourage them to read this book prior to my arrival. If churches began reshaping youth ministry based on these principles, there would be greater health throughout the church and a more significant impact would take place.

Yes, I do recommend reading it. It’s easy to read while not telling you how to set up a program. That is for God to show you within your context. Good stuff!