Walt Mueller (from www.cpyu.org) wrote an article on the quality and themes marketed to youth and teens by MTV and BET. His goal is to help Christians and parent become aware of the culture. A brief synopsis is below. Check out the full article by clicking here:


The reports stated goal “was to assess the quality and degree of adult-themed music video content marketed to and viewed by children.” Afternoon and early-evening programming on MTV and BET were monitored for a two-week period in December 2007. Struck by the high amount of objectionable content, researchers wanted to validate that their findings were accurate by viewing the same programming for a one week period in March 2008. Not only were the results validated, but the March programming revealed even higher levels of objectionable content in comparison to December’s findings. Analysts counted instances of explicit language, sex, violence, drug sales or use, and other illegal activities.

So what did they discover? They stirred the soup of today’s media culture and discovered – among other things – the following:

  • During March of 2008, there was an average of 95.8 instances of objectionable content per hour. During December of 2007, there were 59.9 instances per hour.
  • Content during December breaks this way: sex (45%), explicit language (29%), violence (13%), drug use/sales (9%), and other illegal activity (3%).
  • The content breakdown for March looks like this: sex (42%), explicit language (37%), violence (10%), drug use/sales (9%), and other illegal activity (2%).

While these are the general overall findings, you can read more detailed analysis by downloading the report at www.parentstv.org. I recommend that you read the report in its entirety to get a better sense of what your students are seeing and hearing on MTV and BET.