In today’s passage (Zechariah 4) the angel of the Lord asks Zechariah what he sees. Zechariah answers, but then asks two questions we should consider asking ourselves: “What are these, my lord? What do they mean” (verse 4)? The angel asks, “Don’t you know?” and Zechariah honestly answers, “No, my lord” (verse 5).

You know what? We don’t have to have everything figured out. As a matter of fact, we won’t. We’re not in control of the universe. We don’t determine the future of the world.

But God does. He has a plan He’s going to accomplish, and He wants us to know about it. That’s why it’s okay to ask God when you don’t understand something. He wants us to know about His plan. He wants us to be included in it.

So, go ahead and ask. If this passage is any indication of the God we know, He will answer us. It may not be an audible voice, but He will answer. Look for it. Listen for it. And when you see God accomplish what He’s doing, bless Him for it (verse 7).

God, we obviously don’t know everything, but You do. Would you please remind us to be asking You, the One who knows, what You are doing in the situations we find ourselves in? Then help us to do what You want so that You may be blessed. Amen.