I was continuing the story of the early church in devotions today (Acts 3). Something pretty awesome happens!

A guy is sitting outside the Temple is begging for money. He’s lame; he can’t walk. Peter and John stop and tell him, “Look at us” (v. 4)!

What’s up with that? All I could think about was how we’ve treated those less fortunate than ourselves. This guy can’t walk and he apparently has been ignored for years. How do I know this? He wouldn’t even look at those he was asking money from. He had been rejected so many times; he’d been ignored so often, he hardly feels human. The lame man no longer looked in the faces of the people going to their church service because of how he was treated!

Now, here’s where the story gets good. Peter doesn’t give him money (not that giving money is a bad thing). No, he honors the lame man with two things: (1)faith in God and (2)community. Peter makes a difference by offering his own hand and a belief that God could make a difference in this lame man’s life (v. 7).

How often do I avoid what God can do? How many times have I avoided offering my own hand of community to those who need it? Does this show a lack of faith in God? Or, just insecurities of my own?

All I know is that after Peter offers his hand and shows faith in God, a lame person was “walking, leaping, and praising God” and going into the Temple with Peter and John. A life was changed by God because of faith in God and an invitation to join the body.

God, please help us to see people as You do. Help us to believe that You truly want to make a difference and that we’re a part of that. Help us to offer our hand for You. Amen.