I spent some time in Acts 2 this morning. It’s a great place to read about the early Church and what took place. Also, the end has often been used in developing purpose statements for many a church and ministry. But, something else jumped out at me today.

I can’t help but look at the work that God is doing. As the people were devoted to teaching, fellowship, sharing (v. 42), and prayer they are in awe of what… their efforts? No, the miracles that God was working through the apostles (v. 43).

The Greek word here is fo,boj
(phobos {fob’-os}) and it’s basically used two different ways: (1)fear or (2)reverence. Now, knowing that these are believers (as stated in v. 42) it would mostly likely be used as reverence. Either way, the amazing thing is out of fear or respect for God, Christians were meeting together (v. 44), giving of themselves sacrificially (v. 45), and worshipping day DAILY (v. 46). And as this happened, God was blessing them! Yes, it all goes back to what God does, doesn’t it?

But, here’s what I’m challenged with: Am I so in awe with God that I am compelled to live life different? Often times I am not (sorry to say). Why is this? I think it all boils down to how much time I spend with God. How can I be in awe of Someone I don’t know or spend time with? I really can’t. So, whether it’s out of reverence or fear, I long to be in awe of God which is why I do devotions. And I long for you to as well, which is why I share this with you.

Lord, please help us to see You in such a way that we are in complete awe of You. Help us to spend time with You, get to know You, and live in awe of You. In doing this, may we naturally live out Your purposes. Amen.