Here is a great article by Stephanie Caro with some Mother’s Day ideas for youth group.


MOTHER’S DAY! Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 11th this year. Affirm the women of your church while providing teachable, servant moments for your students.

SERVANT SURPRISE PATROL: Find out what chore each mom HATES doing. Set up youth teams to go to each house with a “coupon” good for doing that chore right then and there.

A MOTHER’S PRAYER PATH: Have your students decorate small, stick-in-the-ground signs with encouraging prayers, sayings, and Scriptures. Send teams out to decorate each mom’s sidewalk with the signs. You might include some flowers and a small package of tissues at the end of the path because she will cry! (You know how moms are.)

MOTHER’S DAY SLIDE SHOW: Create a “mom” slide show of pretty scenes and Scriptures set to soothing music. Leave blank slides in the master for personalizing each mom’s slide show with pix of her and her family. How you get the pix is up to you . . . but stalking her with a camera could be okay. Show the slideshow during the main service or at the mother’s night shown below.

MOTHER’S NIGHT AT YOUTH: This one is simple, but moms will love it! Invite your students’ moms to a special night at youth group. Fix and serve them dinner to candlelight—moms love that. Do skits designed to encourage and thank the moms. Give them flowers and homemade cards. Moms just wanted to be included in what their kids are doing and they will be thrilled at being asked to step on to their student’s turf. Close with an affirmation circle and watch the waterworks flow! It will mean so much to the moms and they’ll remember it forever!