Yes, that is a reference to the old Ghostbusters movie. A classic!

A friend of mine was doing devotions (and the masses cheer!) and asked a question. Here’s what it stated:

I was reading John 10:9…He will come in and go out…
Do we really go in and out of the door/gate?  Don’t we stay in the fenced in area with Jesus?  And the green pastures too.

Now, I’m no scholar, but I thought I’d take a shot at answering these questions. If we look at the context of what’s going on (always a good thing) we see that Jesus just dealt with the man driven out of the synagogue because he was healed by Jesus (see John 9). So, it would make sense that Jesus spends some time talking about those who are truly a part of God’s community (the sheep) and those who are not (the thieves).

When we look at it this way, we see that the importance is not whether we are inside the sheepfold, but how we go in and out. Jesus, in John 10:6, calls Himself the “gate,” and in verse 9 He clearly identifies Himself as the means to salvation. The gate was the authorized access to a sheepfold. Thus, the gate (Jesus) is salvation, and those who have received this salvation (and are part of the body/community of Christ) live their lives as ones who continually go through the gate and not by other means.

The thieves and bandits (also known as the Pharisees and false teachers from the previous chapter) are not accessing the fold through its official access. They attempt to be in God’s “fold” through other means. The sheep do not (or should not) listen to them because they haven’t entered through the gate.

So, to answer the questions… Yes, we ought to be going in and out the gate and the gate alone. The fold and pastures are references to something familiar to the people, but mostly illustrative. Being a part of the community that uses the gate… now, that is vital!

Thanks for the question. I look forward to _______ ___ ____ !!