I love the story we find in 1 Kings 17:8 -24. I actually see it as a prelude to the work of Christ (taking care of the needy and bringing people back to life). I catch myself thinking that the woman was thinking that she might as well feed Elijah because they were going to die anyway, but then God provides.

The thing I don’t get is… why didn’t she think Elijah spoke the words of God prior to reviving her son? Wasn’t the fact that her food supply never ended enough? Is this the precursor to people today always wanting more and more from God because we begin to question if what God is giving us is enough? Now, I know that Elijah said the widow and her son would be fed until the drought ended, but come on!

Oh, and what faith Elijah had in God, huh? When he’s praying (and laying) before God he doesn’t talk about how he looks bad, but wondering why God caused this to happen to the widow and to “please” return the son to her. Great stuff!