I\'ve Got the Power

During devotions today, I had a hard time getting past the first verse.  Isaiah 45:1 starts like this:  “This is what the Lord says to Cyrus, his anointed one, whose right hand he will empower….”  I kept thinking, “Why is Cyrus God’s anointed one and what’s the big deal with his right hand being empowered?

We find out later that Cyrus is God’s anointed because God wants Cyrus to know that God is the true God and is calling Cyrus personally (v. 3).  Isn’t that amazing?  God anoints Cyrus because God wants Cyrus to know who God is.  God does things to make us realize that God is alive and calling each of us personally to Him!

But wait, there’s more….  God empowers Cyrus’ right hand.  The “right hand” signifies power and even all power (omnipotence) when talking about God.  Thus, God is giving Cyrus the power/ability to accomplish amazing things that God wants done.  Why?  Because of God’s love for His people (v. 4).  God is making sure that His “salvation and righteousness” are poured out so all have the opportunity to know Him (v. 8).

God, thank You for using whatever means You see necessary for people to know about You.  May we take advantage Your gift of salvation and righteousness and live for You.  Amen.