The Golden ChildDo you know what it’s like to be the chosen one?  My siblings used to call me “The Golden Child” whenever there was some perceived favoritism given by our parents.  Now, I may have seen things differently than they did, but I also never avoided any kindness from my dad and mom.  But what about being one of God’s chosen ones? 


In Isaiah 63 we see God looking at the people of Israel and exclaiming, “They are my very own people” (v.7).  That must have been incredible to hear and understand!  Being God’s chosen people, that is.  God loved them.  God believed in them.  And, even though they messed up time and again, God did not give up on them.  As a matter of fact, God kept telling them that He was waiting for them to cry out to Him (see chapter 65). 


You know what?  God still has a chosen people today.  It’s those who have given their lives to Christ.  To this day, God still proudly proclaims those who are His own people, and He is still waiting for all to cry out to Him.  Why not spend some time with God right now?


God, thanks for seeing me as one of Your very own.  Thank You for loving me and believing in me.  And thank You for not giving up on me.  Amen.