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How does one transition from being a younger person to an elder?  When does that take place?  As I work through the process of becoming an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, these are good questions for me to consider.


In 1 Peter 5:1-11, the apostle Peter talks about the leadership of elders and the followership of the “younger,” and he says something that is insightful.  Peter tells those who are younger to accept the authority of the elders and serve each other in humility (v.5).  As the younger do this, “at the right time [God] will lift you up in honor” (v.6).

Aha!  The transition to eldership is given by God!  We don’t need to worry about “arriving,” so to speak, but continuing to submit to our leaders, serve each other faithfully, and stand firm in our faith (v.8-9).  The rest is up to God.



Lord, thank You for this word of encouragement and challenge.  I seek to live a life that brings You honor and glory and concern myself with what You ask, and not what I think I want or need.  Amen.