Trump Yelling

Why do some church people get frustrated when others who are serving God do well?  In Acts 13:44-52, Paul is sharing the Good News of Jesus, many people have gathered to hear, and some of the Jews get jealous.  So jealous, in fact, that they begin slandering Paul and questioning everything he was saying.

Two things jump into my head when I read this, and they are:  (1)Some people will be hateful, and (2)some people will be grateful.  Those that are hateful are jealous because of the success of others.  This is a horrible place to be… always comparing ourselves to others.  In doing this, we only feel good when other people are doing worse than ourselves.  If they are doing better, we get others to believe they are worse than ourselves (See v. 45). 

When people like Paul are put in this situation they have two choices:  (1)Keep beating their heads against those who are cutting them down, or (2)share their news/talents/skills with others (v. 46-47).  And I’m telling you, when we go where we are appreciated (i.e. those who are grateful), everything seems to go much better (v. 48). 

Lord, please help us to be believers who are filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit (v. 52).