Kara’s Meal at Carrabba’s Restaurant

Kara’s parents came today.  They’re visiting for five days and everyone’s excited they are here.  I couldn’t think of a better way to begin the visit than a trip to Carrabba’s restaurant.  And I must say, it was awesome!  I had the Chicken Parmesean.  Kara had the Mr. & Mrs. C’s Favorite (pictured above).  On a scale of 5… it was a 10+!!  (Of course this is going to affect my ability to rank things in the future, isn’t it?)

You know how you try not to talk something up for fear of other people being disappointed?  I’m not sure that could happen with Carrabba’s.  If you like Italian food and are willing to spend about $15.00 an entree, you’ve got to give Carrabba’s a try.  It’s that good!