Barking Cartoon

“I believed in God, so I spoke” (2 Corinthians 4:13). I can’t get past this. Why? Because I believe in God, yet I often keep my mouth shut. You see, it’s easy to share about God as my job/ministry, but when I go home and hang out with my children in the cul-de-sac the words no longer roll off my tongue. Oh sure, I’m still the nice Christian, but I don’t bring it up unless there’s something obvious. Why am I this way?

In his book A Cry for Mercy Henri Nouwen asks these questions… “Why do I keep relating to you as one of my many relationships, instead of my only relationship, in which all other ones are grounded? Why, Lord, is it so hard for me to make you the only one? Why do I keep hesitating to surrender myself totally to you?” And later he answers… “I need your loving grace to travel on this hard road that leads to the death of my old self and to a new life in and from you.”

Oh Lord, please help me (and all of us) to trust in you.