When you read the Bible do you ever ask God to help you put it into practice that day?  Yeah, me neither.  But God showed me something this morning that became very evident at work.  We met with a coach/leadership guru as a team (the whole conference staff) to work on skills that would make our work environment better.  Some issues of conflict and truth-telling came up and there were people who were obviously keeping their mouth shut.  (Although, irritation was obvious on their faces.)  God directed me back to our devotional time in John 10:1-18. 

Verse 13 states:  “The hired hand runs away because he’s working only for the money and doesn’t really care about the sheep.”  I began to wonder if this also relates to the managing or avoiding of conflict.  those who are invested will put forth effort during trying times, even if it’s difficult.  And I think this principle moves beyond work.  Imagine the impact it would have on our lives if we invested in our marriages (only one spouse, please) and relationships because we acutally care about the other (“the sheep”) and not ourselves (“working only for the money”).

Lord, help me to be completely invest in You and the relationships You’ve blessed me with.  Help me to not give up and be committed to them for the long haul.  Amen.

Hands Praying