I watched a video called Humor Prescription:  Care for the Care Giver(http://www.rctm.com/Products/industryspecific/healthcare/6762.htm).  It was excellent!  Although it’s an older movie (and about $500.00) the amount of laughing I did (some even out loud) and the “take-away” made it well worth my time.  Here’s the synopsis, without the humor:

Three Characteristics of Long-Lived Healthy People

1.  Altruism – Having a concern for others.

2.  Humor – Keeps one flexible and enhances creativity.

3.  Community – Experiencing the above in relationships that help us even in difficult times.

If you get the chance to watch it, please do.  More importantly, if you get a chance to evaluate your life, definitely do it.  Take care.

C. W. Metcalf.  The Laughter Guy