There is so much going on here.  People are responding when the Gospel is shared.  (I’m not sure I need to add a guilt trip here, do I?)  Some Christians are concerned that groups different from their own seem to be responding to the Gospel.  So, what do we do when this happens?  Oh, I don’t know… maybe go and check it out?!?  That’s what the early church did.  And when they did, they confirmed that God was moving in their midst as well. 

I confess that I sometimes catch myself questioning what other people are doing without even going and finding out what’s happening.  Don’t we believe God can do anything?  Then why can’t God work outside our understanding of how ministry is done?  (Rhetorical.  Don’t try to answer it.) 

Lord, please help me to see You in others.  And help me to be Your voice wherever I go.